Monday, November 18, 2019

Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Response - Essay Example ation from the news article proves to be true, the reporters responsible can be said to have snooped around the company and gathered that information from people in that company before the company’s CEO officially released the information to the media. If the information was from press release, then all the news articles and even the company’s website should have the same reporting date. The reporting could not be fairer because the reporters of this information did not follow the correct, reliable and verifiable route of gathering information and it could have been misreported because the sources of the information were not credible. It is also not fair that the reporter of this news article get to snoop around and get this information earlier than other reporters. This is more so because it casts doubt to the credibility of other news articles on this website and on the internet in general. The credibility of the company is also put to test and this is not fair. If the source was to be an academic study, then issues of scientific review should have been considered. This means that credibility of the article should be able to be verified by other sources and that every part of that article should be matching with the original source of the news and with other sources and news articles as well. An academic study news report should also be reliable. This means that there should not be any doubt of the information when its source is scrutinized by other academicians who are mostly scientifically granted the authority to render the information reliable. If reliability and validity of the information casts a shadow of doubt as to it being scientific and peer reviewed, then it can qualify to be academic study information. The article does not explain on detail the reasons why the companies which were to merge decided to pull out of the deal in the last minute despite the deal having been formulated and agreed upon over several months before the news. The article

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