Thursday, November 21, 2019

International business management----- E-business Essay

International business management----- E-business - Essay Example The organizations must re-evaluate their business strategy to incorporate business plans so that the potential of the internet, which is fast emerging as a most power tool of communication, can be exploited for business purposes. The popularity of internet has been one of the most promising instruments of advancing one’s business base. As per the article â€Å"E-commerce is an economic solvent. It dissolves old business models and changes the cost structure, and rearranges links among buyers, sellers, and everyone in between. The impact of e-commerce is happening in phases† (Kalakota, Robinson, 2002). Internet, used as a potent communication tool, would provide a vast scope of income generation avenues through increased opportunities. The internet presence of the business through interactive module of the website would facilitate and encourage usage of ecommerce for a win-win situation and help exploit the vast potential of the internet to benefit business through the huge database of customers that internet provides at the click of a mouse. Case study of Tesco is an excellent example of using ecommerce to gain the popularity and trust of the people and the prospective customers. We would be using the case study to evaluate and analyze the methodologies and approach to ecommerce activities to develop and increase customer database. Tesco realized the vast potential of internet early and has been the first business enterprise to introduce e-commerce activity in UK. The interactive communication between the client and the business house has been utilized to develop a professional relationship between the two, that not only provides opportunity to improve and improvise the quality as per customer’s requirement and demand while at the same time, customer gets the best deal because of the competitive nature of internet, as a medium of business promotion

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